The wonder of Waterton

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Photography


Last Sunday my daughter and I went to Waterton National Park in southern Alberta right above the Montana border. The mountain scenery there is spectacular. It is a World Heritage site and to me, the amazing part of the geography is how abrupt the transition is from prairies to mountains. Sometimes it feels as if you can just lean out and rest your arm on the Rockies. It’s always been special to me and this day was particularly so.

It was cloudy all day but as we were leaving the sun was setting and some rays poked through a space in the clouds creating these incredible long shadows. I stopped the car, got out and started pointing my camera everywhere. Every photo I snapped was spectacular but this one is really special because it captures the beauty of the shadows on the green grass but also the mountain peaks in Montana to the south. Waterton continues to amaze me and I feel blessed to have been there this day.