The meaning of words.

Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Marketing

I notice the word solutions a lot these days. Many companies are attaching this word to their company name to describe their services. In the past these companies would have been plumbers, electricians, printers, phone providers and even advertising agencies.

The dictionary definition of solution is ” a noun (means of) solving a problem. I guess if you’re calling a plumber or electrician you’re probably looking for them to fix something. Sounds like a problem. If you’re calling a printer are you looking to solve a problem? And what about an advertising agency? It seems to me you contact them because you need to get a message or messages out to promote your brand and sell some product. That doesn’t sound like a problem to me. I see that as more of an opportunity.

I suppose that is why we call ourselves b Creative Advertising. Replacing the word advertising with solutions doesn’t make much sense to me and doesn’t give anybody seeing our name out there, any idea of what we do.

In today’s totally connected social media world there are many places for companies and individuals to express an opinion and actually communicate what they do. But when an opinion is expressed in social media there is often a fair amount of negative feedback. I suppose that shows the democracy of the social networks but much of the backlash just feels like somebody sounding off to hear their own voice. That’s the part of social media I really dislike but as with everything in life, there’s always good with the bad.

Much of social media is just seems like gibberish and meaningless talk. It’s a wonderful medium to communicate in and real opinion can be freely expressed largely without censorship. That’s also problematic at the same time. These are just my opinions and criticism and comment is freely accepted. Thanks for listening.