John Beckett’s first blog post…

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
John Beckett’s first blog post…


Having almost finished redesigning my company website, I’m also about to start blogging. I will try to keep them focused on a core group of topics including brand marketing, advertising, creative direction and anything else to do with this ever-changing,”going faster than ever before” communications world.

There will also likely be some random posts that just might be about my feelings or thoughts that day or comments on an ad I saw or heard, that effected me in a positive or sometimes a negative way.

You may also see some of my personal photography. I love to drive back roads and just find stuff. Most of the places I’ve visited in my life that have touched me were places that I just stumbled into. They are the special ones that I continue to visit whenever the mood strikes me.

Stay tuned….