Kate and William and the Royal Baby

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Marketing

It’s just been a day but already the birth of the latest heir and third in line to the Throne of Great Britain is front page news everywhere. If the Royal family thought they were under public scrutiny before, they’ll be thinking again. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and others will be following every move Kate, William and their new son George make, and sharing it with the world. People that up until now had little interest in the Royal Family will become new followers. Curiosity seekers won’t be able to stop themselves from peering into this young family’s lives. All the while these people will be trying to live normal lives which is a dichotomy in itself. They never were born into normal lives and they have always been destined and trained for this role. Just not sure their “old school” trainers had any idea what the socially connected world would look like and how widespread it’s use would become. Prince George will grow up and go to school and have friends. He’ll even step out of line sometimes; which he should. He is after all, just a kid; but one with a great big, highly visible future ahead of him. Good luck George. The world will be watching your every step and misstep.